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' int Result = In Str(1, str Temp, "x", vb Text Compare) If int Result 0 Then str Extension = Mid(str Temp, int Result 1) str Phone = Left(str Temp, int Result - 1) Else str Phone = str Temp End If If Left(str Phone, 1) = "1" Then str Phone = Mid(str Phone, 2) End If If Len(str Phone) 10 Then Msg Box "Please enter a valid telephone number.", vb Exclamation Cancel = True Exit Sub End If ' ' Prepend the default area code ' If Len(str Phone) = 7 Then str Phone = Default Area Code & str Phone End If ' ' Build the new phone number ' txt Phone = "(" & Left(str Phone, 3) & ") " _ & Mid(str Phone, 4, 3) & "-" _ & Right(str Phone, 4) ' ' Add the extension, if any ' If str Extension I used a default area code of 703, which you can obviously change as needed.

If you're going to be using the application in different locations, you may want to store that information with the application user's profile, similar to the way that Windows stores your favorite locations for dialing.

He is certified in Visual Basic 5.0 and Windows Architecture (1 and 2).

Abstract Schematron [Schematron] is a structural based validation language, defined by Rick Jelliffe, as an alternative to existing grammar based approaches.

Tree patterns, defined as XPath expressions, are used to make assertions, and provide user-centred reports about XML documents.

Expressing validation rules using patterns is often easier than defining the same rule using a content model.

This innovation stems from selecting an alternative approach to validation than existing schema languages: Schematron uses a tree pattern based paradigm, rather than the regular grammars used in DTDs and XML schemas.

As an extensible, easy to use, open source tool Schematron is an extremely useful addition to the XML developers toolkit.

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This paper provides an introduction to Schematron; an innovative XML validation language developed by Rick Jelliffe.Numbers entered without area codes will have a default area code prepended to them. Any extensions will be listed as xnnnnn following the phone number. If an initial 1 is added to the number, it will be removed, since users already know to dial a one before making a long distance call.With these rules in mind, let's create the validation code for a text box named txt Phone: Private Sub txt Phone_Validate(Cancel As Boolean) Dim str Temp As String Dim str Phone As String Dim str Extension As String Dim int Result As Integer Const Default Area Code = "703" ' ' Remove all the grouping characters for ' now. ' str Temp = Replace(txt Phone, "(", "") str Temp = Replace(str Temp, ")", "") str Temp = Replace(str Temp, "-", "") str Temp = Replace(str Temp, " ", "") str Temp = Replace(str Temp, "X", "x") ' ' Break up the digits into the number and ' the extension, if any.Next, the code parses out the phone number and the extension. The phone system is such that you can't have a 1 as the first number of either an area code or a phone number prefix.You will then either have a ten-digit phone number or a seven-digit phone number.

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The Community Portal is where this wiki community comes together to organize and discuss projects for the wiki.

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